Search Engine Optimization Services for Westfield, Massachusetts Businesses? YES!

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is achieved by using new cutting edge white hat techniques to improve the search engine rankings (mainly Google) of new or existing web properties of a business.  Businesses often use internet marketing (also known as online marketing) as a means of promoting goods and services to reach new customers via a variety of web properties.  Web properties (like websites and videos) are items that are found on the internet and are used to attract and interact with existing or prospective customers.

Creating a website for your business is simply not enough.  Sure, having a website for your business does give it a more professional look.  However, if people cannot find your business when searching for goods and services on the internet and instead they find a competitor of yours, you are losing that business to that competitor.  In addition, people often look to the internet to find out more information or conduct due diligence research about a company before they decide to use that company.

Google handles roughly 80-90% of the all internet searches done each day with Yahoo and Bing splitting the remaining 10-20%.  If your business is not found on the first page 1 of Google for key terms that identify your business, you won’t be found.  Google search shows 10 results per page.  Approximately 99% of all traffic that comes from searches done through Google come from those first 10 positions and over 68% of the traffic goes to results that fall within the top 4 spots.  What does that all mean?

If 100 people searched for the same term the breakdown would be as follows:

  1. The #1 result would receive 34 clicks
  2. The #2 result would receive 17 clicks
  3. The #3 result would receive 11 clicks
  4. The #4 result would receive 8 clicks

All the way down to the #10 result which would receive a little over 2 clicks.

How Can Local Western Massachusetts Companies Benefit?

Do the math based on the numbers listed above.  Ask yourself how much revenue you are losing simply by not being properly positioned where prospective customers can find you.  Depending on the type and cost of the services you provide the actual potential revenue loss can be staggering.

Should You Hire a Westfield MA SEO Expert?  Why Can’t I Do This Myself?

I personally believe that you can learn to do anything if you have time, and if you have accurate information.  You can certainly learn about how to optimize your website by doing a search for it on the internet.

There are several problems with a do-it-yourself solution, the biggest problem is how much time it can take to read, understand, and implement what you have learned.  While you spend this time learning, you aren’t focusing on your business and your business can suffer financially.  If it takes you a year to get your business properly positioned, how much additional revenue has your business lost out on based on the math shown above?

The second biggest (some might argue this is the biggest) hurdle to overcome in a D.I.Y. solution, is keeping up with the changes that take place.  Google claims that there are 200+ factors that go into the algorithms that produce the organic search results.  Google is constantly tweaking these algorithms in an effort to produce the most relevant search results.  If you don’t stay on top of these changes, or know how to adapt to them you will soon find your site penalized by Google.  Penalties are often very difficult to overcome.  Westfield MA search engine optimization experts are able to recognize trends and make adjustments quickly so that your site stays on top.

If you own a business and are looking for the best search engine optimization Westfield, Massachusetts has to offer, you found it!  We solve all of these problems for you, we do the work by positioning local businesses in Western Massachusetts on the front page of Google and you get the results.  Let our knowledge, experience, and expertise get your business where you need to be.

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