Expand Your Business Through Video Marketing

video marketing Westfield MassachusettsResearch has shown that 80% or more of internet users are using the internet to watch videos. Today people are hungry for information, but they also want it to be delivered to them as quickly and easily as possible. When you are looking for a product or service, do you reach for the Yellow Pages book, or do you look for the solution on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer? If you are like me and many other people your phone is never more than the length of your arm away. Personally, if I can find a video that is able to answer the question I have, or solve my problem I am all for it. Video solutions come in very handy when the solution is detailed and involves multiple steps.

Increase Customer Engagement Through Online Video Marketing

By incorporating video into your online marketing strategy you are able to deliver key messages about the services that you provide quickly, easily, and continuously no matter what time of day it is. First impressions are absolutely everything in business, so this is something that’s definitely worth keeping in mind. Video marketing connects with people on a more personal level which helps establish trust therefore making it more likely that people will use your services. You can use video to introduce yourself, introduce your business, and show examples of your work.  The possibilities with video are endless.

Video keeps people focused and engaged longer than written content. By using video on your own website you will find that visitors will stay longer.  The longer a visitor stays, the more likely they are to convert into a customer.  Time on site is a metric that can also help you increase your rankings in the search engines.

Online Marketing: Expanding Your Business Brand With Video

Videos can be posted just about anywhere on the web, meaning that you will be getting more online exposure than most forms of written content. Websites such as YouTube get millions upon millions of views, each and every day.  Video marketing is another way for you to help establish your brand while at the same time advertising your products and services.

People have become blinded by ads which can be found on search engine’s results and on the social platforms that most of us use every day. When someone is searching for a product or service they are much more likely to click on a relevant video than they are to click on written content.

Market Domination Using Video Advertising

Westfield MA video marketing service is a key component of our Total Market Domination Strategy. Is your business in a competitive market?  Are you looking to completely dominate your competition? We can help you promote your business locally through online marketing in Westfield Massachusetts.

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